City Stars Introduction - Deivis "Deivito" Garcia

Talking Spirits (a track from City Stars) and other creative collaborations might not have happened if it weren't for the inventiveness of Deivis Garcia aka Deivito. He's the next intro for the City Stars Album Release:

"Deivito is a North Jersey songster from Elizabeth, NJ. He specializes in Spanglish Sea Shanties - a gumbo of original pirate ballads, dirges, and ancient marinated montunos derived from folkloric sounds of the North-Central-Carribean-South Americas. He also co-created Mi Casa Tu Casa for Luna Stage, and is a member of The United States of Boogaloo & Segundo Quimbamba. He is also a proud husband and father, and eats a thousand sardines a day. His music can be heard at"

While Deivis won't be able to join us at the album release (he sends his regrets), I'll perform Talking Spirits with a whole new chorus inserted. (It will be easier to sing along to. Promise.) So make sure to let us know if you are coming by visiting here: