City Stars Introduction - Barbara Carames

Barbara Carames is a force to reckoned with. Not only did she lend her voice to the track "Amaze Me" on City Stars but gets her voice out there in many ways. Check this out:

"Unbeknownst to the world, a shy, 7 year-old girl started singing and she kept doing it because she LOVED it! Her journey of self-expression and shared-expression would ultimately lead Barbara to various forms of music and theater. In college at Stevens Institute of Technology, Barbara would become a well-rounded Renaissance woman of the arts, singing in choirs and cabarets, performing in leading stage roles, and honing her craft in just about every production role she could get her hands on. Since then, life as a corporate professional have kept Barbara very busy but she does her best to make time and embrace her passion for the arts when she can - especially when a dear “amigo” invites her to collaborate! Her experience recording with Aquino on City Stars has been nothing short of amazing and one Barbara will always appreciate and treasure!"

Same here, Barbara! Same here. I've known Barbara as a performer from a young age (we met in elementary school) and I am beyond thrilled to have her sing "Amaze Me" at the City Stars Album Release Show on Saturday. Are you coming?! Don't miss her sing!