City Stars Introduction - Declan Remus

The next and last introduction goes to Declan Remus. Dex and I have been connected for roughly 20 years. We've always been each other's supporter. Whether it's music or biking for autism or just being a friend (cue the Golden Girls theme song) it's been a pleasure to have Dex in my life.

Dex has been playing guitar and writing music since the early 90's. He (and few other great friends of ours) started a band in college called Brandon's Art. (Get me drunk and you'll hear the demos.) Then there was a long stint of him playing in the Springsteen tribute band, Thunder Road. They toured the shore (and beyond). We reconnected about 8 years ago and Dex has been my right hand man when it comes to my music. I can't be more thankful for that. His tasty guitar work can be heard on the City Stars track "Milly" as well as a bunch of songs on my debut album, Giants Will Fall.

So make sure to venture out to the Bloomfield Public Library tomorrow at 2p for the City Stars - Album Release and to hear Dex lay down the law. Let us know if you're coming: