Continuing the Conversation - Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre


I've been cast in Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre's production of Continuing the Conversation. I've been on a long hiatus from acting. It feels wonderful getting these characters into my bones. I hope you can join me and an amazing ensemble of theatre folks as we tell these important stories. Here's some more info:

Sexual harassment. Media fatigue. 

Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico. 

Confederate icons. Charlottesville violence. 

Deciding to run for elected office.

These are the "ripped from the headlines" topics that will be explored.

A follow-up to Dreamcatcher's Evening of Short Plays in Response to the Election, Continuing the Conversation is an opportunity to check in with the community on what's important to us in real time. Written on themes chosen by the writers in the months prior to the production, Continuing the Conversation will be focused on the interaction between the stories we tell in the theatre and the lives we are living. It's a chance to connect artists to audience in an immediate way, with several discussions following the performances throughout the run.

Participating playwrights include Suzanne Bradbeer (Shakespeare in Vegas), Richard Dresser (Rounding Third), Steve Harper (American Crime), Dania Ramos (Mi Casa Tu Casa), Lia Romeo (Connected ) and David Lee White (Blood: A Comedy). A cast of seven actors will perform the plays to create a full and varied night of theatre that will inspire reflection and stimulate discussion.

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