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Aquino is the audio engineer, sound designer, and composer for the audio fiction series Timestorm.

Timestorm is produced by Cocotazo Media with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program.

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samples of Aquino’s compositions:


City Stars

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‘City Stars’ in full is a vivid and diverse journey through a deeply creative mind. Aquino knows exactly how to connect with the multitude of feelings that the human condition experiences - where you can almost reach out and touch each variable emotion that is intricately woven into his music.
— Karla Harris, When the Horn Blows
Aquino reminds us of the beauty of acoustic sound and the value of reaching out to make beautiful music as part of shared experience. His voice is clear and this storyteller transports you to experiences in your past, shared past and other’s experiences to bring us all closer together.
— Sherri Rase, Q on Stage


Giants Will Fall sports a wide range of sounds, textures and a relentless creative streak that keeps it from being one of those ‘12 versions of the same song’ collections.
— Bob Cannon, The Montclair Times
There is a connectivity running through the songs that is held together by excellent musicianship and Aquino’s emotional and honest delivery.
— Ed Magdziak, You Don’t Know Jersey

Voice-Over Demo Reel - Audio Drama

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(Michael) Aquino is a Cuba-Rican musician and performer born in the urbanlands of northern New Jersey. He is a co-founder of Cocotazo Media, which produces music and audio fiction by independent artists of all backgrounds. Aquino is the audio engineer, sound designer, and composer for their production Timestorm. Timestorm is produced with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program. He also co-produced a benefit album - Stuff This in Yer Face! - with You Don’t Know Jersey. For more about his work with Cocotazo Media visit www.cocotazomedia.com.

Aquino’s debut, solo album, Giants Will Fall, was released in October 2015. His follow-up EP, City Stars, was released by Cocotazo Music in October 2017. Aquino received two Audio Verse Awards for Best Music, Self-Contained Dramatic Production ("Blood Heart" with Ernio Hernandez) and Best Audio Engineering, Self-Contained Comedic Production (Something Inside That Head of Yours). He was also nominated for a 2013 Jersey Acoustic Music Award (Top Male Songwriter category).

Aquino is also a professional actor and has performed at regional and NYC stages. He is a co-creator of Mi Casa Tu Casa, a bilingual stage production. Aquino is a member of SESAC and Actors Equity Association.


Aquino / Vocals, Guitars

Accompanying Musicians:
Declan Remus / Guitar
Christian Davis / Bass
Tony Donato / Bass
Andrew J. Sandel / Accordion



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Giants Will Fall

by Aquino

City Stars

by Aquino