City Stars Introduction - Christian Davis

The next City Stars - Album Release introduction goes to bassist, beer connoisseur, and amazing friend, Christian Davis. Christian recorded the low end for a bunch of songs on my first album, Giants Will Fall, and will accompany me on some of those songs this Saturday. Here's some more about Christian:

"After years of contributing to the rhythm sections of tri-state area bands, and working with some wonderful songwriters, Christian Davis set out to find his own voice. He initially worked out guitar parts on bass, with thoughts of forming a band, but in time bass became the only instrument. He’s developed a raw style, with bare bones bass tones and rhythms, and stream of consciousness lyricism. His lyrics express feelings on the future, the past, relationships, politics, and self-exploration."

Christian has really developed a unique bass/vocal performance style that is wonderful to hear. Hopefully we'll see more of his solo stuff in the future (nudge, nudge). For now, come on down Saturday to the show and see Christian tear it up.